Some Tucson-related links has been running a continually updated thread on the Arizona tragedy and conspiracy theory. Some of the material originated here, but there’s a lot that I haven’t covered.

Richard Florida has an eye-opening post on the geography of gun-related deaths at the Atlantic. America’s political class’s refusal to even consider the idea that guns are dangerous in and of themselves almost makes me believe in Mind Control. This Daily Doubter post on the “Ascendance of the Perpetual Lie” went up before any of this happened, but it provides invaluable context.

Rachel Tabachnick has a must-read post at Talk2Action on Sarah Palin and the “blood libel” dog whistle.


One thought on “Some Tucson-related links

  1. I said it in a follow-through link in that post, but I will reiterate here that Will Bunch’s book on the conservative backlash really is definitive reading on the phenomenon (although I would guess Neiwert/Amato’s book – which I haven’t read yet – is tops about rhetoric/violence) of anti-gov’t hysteria in the wake of Obama’s election. The chapter on the backlash as it relates to guns is particularly excellent.

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