“What Glenn Beck’s Conspiracy Theory looks like if you scratch beneath the surface”

Hume’s Ghost sent me a typically trenchant e mail the other day. It made a huge impression on me, because it speaks directly to the theme of my new, half-written book–the ideological and emotive continuities between conspiracist movements in American history.

I came across this link the other day and found it to be extremely remarkable. It’s from David Duke’s website and is almost verbatim the conspiracy theory that Beck posits on a daily basis about the Soros/Obama/ACORN/SEIU/Apollo Alliance/Van Jones/SDS nexus of evil, but with the added level of it also being a Rothschild’s conspiracy. It’s the same conspiracy but presented in its naked, racist form.

What is so insidious about Beck’s role on tv is that he makes implicit appeals to the same prejudices. I also noticed that the article talks about the tentacles of Soros organizations ruining the country and what not; Bill O’Reilly just said virtually the same thing on Fox the other day. It’s why I’ve taken to describing such attacks on Soros as para-antisemitic.

Since at least the 1880s, a unifying strain of almost all American conspiracism, on the far left and black nationalist fringes as much as the white supremacist right, has been the London/Wall Street/Rothschild nexus.

Political anti-Semitism went largely underground in this country after the Holocaust; the overt expression of racist, sexist, and even homophobic slurs are gradually becoming socially unacceptable as well. But the hatred that animates them hasn’t gone away–it’s been translated into code or displaced onto surrogates, like Muslims or Progressives. If you look closely at Glenn Beck, there is very little ideological difference between him and the extreme anti-FDR right of the 1930s, except he doesn’t quote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the air, as Father Coughlin did. But as Hume’s Ghost notes, he comes perilously close.


7 thoughts on ““What Glenn Beck’s Conspiracy Theory looks like if you scratch beneath the surface”

  1. “Appealing to prejudice”. That is an interesting lift-and-shift. Did so enjoy the “Rally to restore sanity and/or fear.” I think a good deal of what John Stewart brought up in his comedy privately enraged Beck. Also that what the parody did was reach many more people. The comedy was good format because it is not only hate and angst that reaches many. Comedy takes more skill but I believe it does have more staying power than hate. But then again, center has moved far more right than me. Read some things about the LGBT community angst over Obama to realize how concentrated the right is becoming. Oh, it’s going to be an interesting second term for Pres in two years.

  2. “plus six free issues of Whole Body Health: $59”! ROFL. If it were all true wouldn’t Obama be making dictates with military enforcement by now? Last note on comedy. Rush wisely uses Paul Shanklin parodies and they are funny. They were the only reason I regularly went to his site. I am thinking that between CNN and Fox people turn to the Comedy Network. Beck does his little voices (another reason why I don’t understand his popularity) with has punchline buddy, but, to not be PC, he sounds retarded. Not just his voice, what he thinks is funny. There is power in the political cartoon but working class people either have little time and they see it as an unnecessary expense for subscription. Hence the power of radio. Obama’s jokes are funny and I am sure that is why he does them. Shows he is human and people seek laughter and, like hearing, it is many times passively contagious. An affect of the mind.

  3. the problem with all of this anti-semite, crazy conspiracy this or that stuff is that the U.S, is beholden to israeli interests, that’s a fact, and we have done so to the detriment of American safety home and abroad, and this is what the rest of the world thinks (including politicians and wise men here at home), they are just scared to say it, but don’t fool yourself, it is a fact. The balfour declaration made an israeli homeland for the jewish people after world war 2, not the bible or talmud, that was done by moneyed men, check the history books for that one. I have no qualms against jewish people per se, but I don’t think we should be blindly following orders from any other country. And what’s with all the dual citizens of israel-u.s.? that wouldn’t be allowed, and isn’t allowed anywhere else, but we have chertoff and many others that swear an oath to israels’ interests first, then the u.s., and they live here! and don’t get me wrong, glen beck is an idiot, as is all the fox news crowd, and I disagree with a lot of david duke’s race views of keeping races seperate, but if you can’t see that everyone is scared to call israel out as the bully of the world, and peole are in fear of even whispering it, then something is wrong here.

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