The Curse of Ötzi

Courtesy of frequent-commenter Jesse, a story about a new Mummy’s curse. In the weird coincidence department, I script-doctored a play for elementary school kids that debunked the Tutankhamun curse not too long ago.


One thought on “The Curse of Ötzi

  1. Yeah! I’m famous now ya’ll! Kudos has to go to my Anthropology Prof. Dr. Neely. He has a class on pseudoscience for baby archeologists and palaeontologists. Yes, sadly, they have to have a class to debunk and arm our next-gen scientists to war w/ creationists and hoodoo-wierdies. The sentiment is no longer to rebuff or scoff and dismiss but to take pseudo-scientists to the mat and force them to prove their ideas in the public arena. It is actually becoming a growing area of concern. Arthur’s books may just be something universities need.

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