Democrats celebrate O’Donnell victory

“I’m for the Republican,” Karl Rove told Sean Hannity last night, “But I got to tell you. We were looking at eight to nine seats in the Senate, we’re now looking at seven to eight. In my opinion, this is not a race we’re going to be able to win.”

But what if they can?

True, O’Donnell’s paranoid and grandiose and improvident and until now a proven loser, but since when has that hurt anyone’s electoral chances? I can think of other prominent Republican politicians about whom much the same could be said. And yes, her anti-masturbation campaign was a little over the top, but I can recall when a supposedly liberal president fired his surgeon general for suggesting that teenagers were better off masturbating than having unprotected sex with each other. Millions of voters say one thing about sex and do another.

As the AP notes, Coons has a huge built-in advantage: “O’Donnell….garnered less than 30,000 votes in a contest in which only Republicans could cast ballots. About 293,000 Democrats are registered in Delaware, compared with about 183,000 Republicans.” Even so, I hope he isn’t celebrating. He needs to gird his loins, as it were, for the tough battle ahead.


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