Did God Smite Deepwater Horizon to Avenge Israel?

Posted without comment, via World Net Daily.


6 thoughts on “Did God Smite Deepwater Horizon to Avenge Israel?

  1. Heard a new one on BP. Came from a fellow student in my Engr 125 class. He assured me that the Russians had solved this type of oil well problem before. That they blew theirs up with a nuke and the leak stopped. He said this very assuredly as if we would be ridiculous if we disagreed with him. I wrote it down in my notes. Later he said Hi in the bookstore. Oh, boy.

    1. There’s something to this. It probably won’t happen in the Gulf and for good reason, but the Russians did apparently do just this with a few of their own intransigent gushers. Click here to read more than you probably want to about the nuclear option in the New York Times.

      1. I see the argument is faulty logic. I thought it was stupid too. It could create a larger disaster even though, 4th of july and all, people love huge explosions. I am curious that if BP goes bankrupt, will they get a bailout?

  2. Speaking of oil related accidents and responses that aren’t that well known, check out the “Gates of Hell” crater in Turkmenistan.

    It’s like they managed to create a real world version of Mount Doom from Lords of the Ring.

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