James Arthur Ray Refunds

Possibly in response to a class action suit filed by three of his unreimbursed “investors,” James Arthur Ray posted a video message on his website earlier this month:

Hey this is James, and I want to take just a moment of your time, if I may, because I realize that many of you have made investments in upcoming Journey of Power events through JRI that have been postponed.

And I certainly understand that it was an inconvenience, it’s been a disappointment possibly to say the least. And I truly want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and my appreciation for your understanding and your patience during this difficult time.

Now, we’ve reached out to some of you and talked to you about some of the first steps we’re doing with these postponed events. And If I haven’t got in contact with you, then you’re one of the ones I really want to talk to today because we probably don’t have your most recent contact information.

So, if you’ll take just a second and fill out the form beneath me. All of the events that have been postponed should be listed there. And if you’re one of those people who has invested in one of those events or multiple events, just take a minute and fill out your contact information, and make sure you put in your email. Because that way we can reach out to you really quickly and give you the latest and most updated information.

I look forward to taking care of this in the very best way possible really really soon. Once again, thank you so much for your patience, and I’ll look forward to touching base really, really quickly, OK.

Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day.

Something tells me that most of those customers would prefer to receive something a little more tangible than “the latest and most updated information” about “first steps,” whatever that might mean. But life goes on and Ray has already moved onto the next thing.

This week he uses his video to talk about James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh, the classic New Thought self-improvement book that was first published in 1902. Here’s a nugget from its pages that Ray could profitably meditate on: “A man may rise to high success in the world, and even to lofty altitudes in the spiritual realm, and again descend into weakness and wretchedness by allowing arrogant, selfish, and corrupt thoughts to take possession of him.”


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