Orly Taitz on HCR

Talking Points Memo reports (click here) that Orly Taitz has amended one of her birther complaints to attack HCR, as a violation of the Commerce Clause and an infringement on her right to gainful employment as a dentist. Click here to read in full.

“Defendant has repeatedly stated that if such bill is passed and reconciled,” she writes, “He will immediately sign it into law in spite of general public outcry against such bill.” Imagine, a president signing a bill into law that has been debated for a year and that passed with a significant majority. Not to put too fine a point on it, she sounds as nutty on this subject as she is on everything else–though she is perhaps no crazier than the bill’s more mainstream detractors.

I am posting this not because I think Orly Taitz deserves any more publicity, but rather for the light she casts on the more “respectable” legal challenges that are being mounted against HCR.


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