Chile Was Haarped

It begins again. Despite the fact that Chile was the site of the most powerful earthquake ever recorded (a 9.5 in 1960) and that the region has been rocked by 13 events of magnitude 7 or greater since 1973, conspiracists find yesterday’s quake to be highly suspicious.

From the Vanguard News Network Forum (click here):

Chile, which is one of the most geologically active places on the planet–being at the eastern edge of the Pacific Rim and home of the Andes Mountains–is not the kind of place you would expect an earthquake of this magnitude. The CIA has been trying to undermine the freedom-loving Chilean regime, who took-over from the “fascist” decades-long regime of General Pinochet.

This earthquake could be just the ticket for the opposition to seize power. Indeed, that the quake’s epicenter is near “Concepcion” could be a kind of “inside joke” signaling this is the beginning of a push against the government in Santiago. Undoubtedly, the Alaskan HAARP “experiment” has been used once again to kill and maim the people of the world for the benefit of “them.”

HAARP is widely believed to be responsible for last month’s earthquake in Haiti, as well as 2008’s devastating earthquake in
Sichuan Province, China. HAARP is also known to produce hurricanes, like Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which inexplicably formed in the Atlantic Ocean and eventually struck the Gulf Coast of the United States–an area not known for hurricane activity.

Stay tuned to Alex Jones, Hal Turner, Jeff Rense, and George Noory for more breaking news–and the news behind the news–on this latest “natural” disaster!
Holocaust gullibility, as with “diversity,” may best be understood as a disease. With exposure comes immunity. With immunity, transcendence. With transcendence, freedom.–tnx to Bolondozik

Chile is an active geological region so “you wouldn’t expect an earthquake of this magnitude.” Natch. And the Gulf Coast is “not known for hurricane activity.” It makes you wonder what planet this poster lives on–and if he isn’t trying to undercut the Vanguard News Network’s credibility in its larger mission of holocaust denial (its slogan is “No Jews. Just Right”).

And here’s a collection of You Tube videos in support of the HAARP hypothesis, including one from Russia Today, in which I seem to endorse Hugo Chavez’s claim that the US had deployed a tectonic weapon against Haiti (trust me, I didn’t–the clip is highly edited). Many of the other clips refer to colored lights in the sky and other strange visual phenomena and attribute them to HAARP. It’s worth mentioning that “earthquake lights” have been observed since ancient times–long before HAARP went online–and that science has attempted to explain them. I mentioned this in a comment reply a few weeks ago; click here to read it.

Ahrcanum (click here), as it did with Haiti, offers a much more thoughtful take on the question than most conspiracist sites.

3 thoughts on “Chile Was Haarped

  1. I knew it! Just knew it! You see the Haiti thing was such a good photo-op for the Polylibdemocrats and the multi-phasic aristo-lanthropists that they just had to do it again! Any wonder why the aluminium trailer provides such a good house for supposed “crackpipes”…er “pots”? Because they are impervious and Big Brother has to use tornadoes and “FEMA” to “innoculate” with liquid plastic crystals. Which then can be triggered and an UHF in a “Cellphone call” making the crystals form a “Clot” in the “brain” witch is then written-off as “a” stroke or some other natural cause of death!!

  2. Phlebocardio extremists all! Isn’t it curious the we say bleeding heart liberals and the Aztecs are depicted as devouring the bleeding hearts of their enemies? And they all want us to get along!

    Okay, I’ll stop the sarcasm. Had a beer with breakfast, sorry.

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