Executive Order 12425

From Mother Jones: “Obama’s Secret Police: How a Radical Conspiracy Theory Traveled from the Tea Party Movement to Congress.” Click here.


One thought on “Executive Order 12425

  1. The same fears of martial law being used to shut down dissent were present under the Bush administration AND the Clinton administration.
    Fact is: They’re all the same.
    Fact is: Jimmy Carter put FEMA in place, first and foremost, as a COG program, (Continuation Of Government), and has very little to do with disasters, except the ones they create.
    Fact is: Truman was the first president to look into and creating a COG program. Carter merely updated it.
    The fears are real. The concentration camps for Americans are real. The only conspiracies are the ones being made by the status quo.
    Obama is merely one tool in a long line of tools. He is neither creator nor destroyer. Just a tool.

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