Still more on Haiti and HAARP

My Boing Boing post on Haarp and Haiti has gotten more attention than anything I’ve ever published on the Internet. Hugo Chavez is the latest proponent of the “tectonic weapon” theory of the Haitian earthquake; yesterday I appeared as a talking head on Russia Today to comment on the issue.

A couple of years ago Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule published an academic paper on Conspiracy Theories. Sunstein was a professor at The University of Chicago and Vermeule taught at Harvard Law School at the time, but now that Sunstein is an official in the Obama administration (he heads up the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, a department of the Office of Management and Budget) its prescriptions for ways that governments can attempt to correct or control “harmful” theories via “cognitive infiltration” of the groups that promote them has received a lot of critical scrutiny in the conspiracy community. I plan to write a detailed post on both the paper and the controversy soon, but I bring it up now because one of the explanations it offers for why conspiracy theories gain traction seems especially germane to the situation in Haiti:

Whenever a bad event has occurred, rumors and speculation are inevitable. Most people are not able to know, on the basis of personal or direct knowledge, why an airplane crashed, or why a leader was assassinated, or why a terrorist attack succeeded. In the aftermath of such an event, numerous speculations will be offered, and some of them will likely point to some kind of conspiracy. To some people, those speculations will seem plausible, perhaps because they provide a suitable outlet for outrage and blame, perhaps because the speculation fits well with other deeply rooted beliefs that they hold. Terrible events produce outrage, and when people are outraged, they are all the more likely to attribute those events to intentional action.

Given the US’s shameful colonialist record in the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America, it’s not surprising that people would look to it as the author of this latest catastrophe. Assigning the blame to HAARP, the New World Order, or the US government has the added benefit of exculpating God.

PS Still more on Boing Boing. Click here for string about Hugo Chavez.

PPS has the RT clip on their website; click here to see me on TV.


11 thoughts on “Still more on Haiti and HAARP

  1. This brings to mind Michael Shermer’s latest column in Scientific American: ‘How a Lack of Control Leads to Superstition: A Skeptic’s review of the study “Lacking Control Increases Illusory Pattern Perception”‘

    The synopsis is that less control we have the more likely we are see patterns that aren’t actually there. In the case of conspiracy theories, the less control we have over an event the more likely we are to attach a conspiracy to it.

  2. The question is: is there a technology to induce artificial earthquake in a pre-determined? Or earthquakes are natural phenomena, it is impossible to manufacture them? Why scientists are not interviewed by the mainstream midia to answer this question?
    Unquestionable is the militarization of Haiti shortly after the earthquake.

  3. Oh, boy have you gotta poke at this! Lol

    Angels Don’t Play This HAARP
    By Gary Anastasio (

    The scream in the Symphony could be heard as far away as Portland. A huge disturbance ripped through the quiet, new age, community of Eugene causing the local celestials to be utterly destroyed. No demons were in the area when the disruption occurred, only the heavenly hosts suffered casualties. The angels are sent to Eugene to try to discover what caused the death of their comrades. Once they arrive in Eugene, they will discover that the angelic tethers have also been destroyed by the disruption. They will also discover that the local inhabitants have been suffering from migraine headaches and other strange maladies. Homicide rates are also increasing as well as cases of suicide and depression.

    As the angels continue to explore the town of Eugene, it will be hit once again with the disruption that drew them to investigate. This disruption will be of a lesser magnitude, but they will still feel it’s effects as it rips at their celestial forces. The source of the disturbance will be unknown due to it’s thunderous boom through the symphony.

    As the angels investigate, a telephone will ring near them. They will detect a slight disturbance from the phone which should prompt them to answer the call. The woman on the other end is Meriah Nelson, a Soldier of Lightning. She emplores the angels to meet her at a rest stop off of I5, just south of Portland. She claims to know what has caused the death of the celestials.

  4. Converter box camera conspiracy mythbust

    The videogame Assasin’s Creed grossed amazing profits. It is a game with a fun storyline of an Assasin’s guild fighting the Templar who are trying to establish NWO in the holyland in 1191. I think it is a training game for when they flick the switch on HAARP…lol, kidding!

  5. In Marxist hypothesis, it is the go-between state between Capitalism and Communism. I have alot of family in Europe surviving under Socialist administrations now and some of whom were under Communism previously. I work for a European company and work with people day-to-day who have survived under said organizations for their entire lives. I know darn well what it is, and I have no desire to be under that kind of regime. I would rather battle you in the streets then to live as they do.

  6. I am a firm believer in what is taking place right before our own eyes but in all honesty, what can we do about it? We’re just sitting duck
    s. it’s obvious “they” are watching due to how long it’s took to write this.

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