Tracking the Protocols of Zion – An Interactive Map

Click here to experience Damien DeBarra’s unique history of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion–from its origins in France as a satire of the regime of Napoleon III and its cut-and-paste assembly in Russia at the turn of the last century to its checkered careers in England (where Churchill seemed to give it credit), the USA (where the industrialist Henry Ford enthusiastically promoted it), Germany (for Hitler it was the Jewish conspiracy’s smoking gun), and the contemporary Muslim world (Hamas and Ahmajinedad still regard it as gospel).


4 thoughts on “Tracking the Protocols of Zion – An Interactive Map


    So what we have here is a record-breaker. A publishing scheme that should have died in the 1880’s kept having life support put to it.

    Some fun factoids on the same phenom. I am sure other countries are just as guilty. The U.S., for some reason, does not hide these facts. I see it as a glimmer. P.S. Ever notice how quickly a gov’ment can wipe out a liberty and hope heavy a ratio of civil pain must be carried before a gov’ment establishes new ones? Gov’ments get credit for advances in civ’zation but they never make them happen. Alexander G. Bell made the telephone, not President Rutherford B. Hayes. So who can change the world we know today? Not the government.

  2. Arthur Goldwag, This is my absolute favorite blog on the entire Internet, and you know that blogs are a dime-a-dozen… but your blog is just as addictive as your books are. I am so glad I discovered you by reading “Cults, Conspiracies, & Secret Societies”. I always look forward to coming to this blog. I always try to tell friends and “internet friends” about it on my facebook and myspace, etc. Thanks again. -PJ

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