“You are not going to die. You might think you are, but you’re not going to die.”

“Newly released documents, which had been sought by the Phoenix television station KPNX, provide compelling eyewitness accounts of the chaotic events during and after the ceremony conducted by Mr. Ray at the Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center near Sedona, Ariz,” wrote yesterday’s New York Times. Click here to read the affidavits for the search warrants, which include interviews conducted by investigating detectives, as well as an inventory of all the items seized from Ray’s offices.

The most salient information seems to be that the deaths and injuries were caused entirely by heat; also that “there was not a safety plan for the Oct. 8 ceremony.” According to Ted Mercer, who built the lodge and heated the rocks for the October ceremony, people had suffered serious injuries at the two previous James Arthur Ray ceremonies he’d assisted at; ambulances should have been called on both occasions but weren’t. He also noted that Ray’s ceremonies were longer and hotter than any others he had been involved with.

Ray sat in the shade after being told that several participants were unconscious; when someone left the lodge in distress, thinking he’d suffered a heart attack, Ray remarked “It’s a good day to die”; when told that participants inside were unconscious, he remarked “Good, good”; when asked if they could be removed through the back of the lodge, Ray said that it would be “sacrilegious” to damage the structure. Not everyone interviewed was so critical of Ray. A doctor who participated in the event as a customer and performed CPR on the victims said that Ray had been concerned and helpful; she claimed that she’d found the sweat lodge to be less uncomfortable than some saunas she’d been in.

According to several participants and staff members, Ray repeatedly told the participants, “You are not going to die. You might think you are, but you’re not going to die.”

Staff members provided more details about how Ray dealt with the fallout from the Coleen Conaway suicide in San Diego. Police also learned that 16 participants in a Modern Magick event in Hawaii in 2008 had been treated in the ER for injuries (including fractured bones) after attempting to break bricks with their hands; no nurses or medical personnel had been present at the event and no refunds were issued.


3 thoughts on ““You are not going to die. You might think you are, but you’re not going to die.”

  1. You want truth? Well here it is:

    Life is financially strained for most Americans. Millions of Americans are gritting their teeth hoping they won’t be laid off before they finish paying off their mortgage. White parents living in big cities need to spend a fortune on private schools for their kids unless they don’t mind them going to public school with minority gang members. This makes it impossible for many White Americans to save any money. The danger of being laid off and turning up in a tent city is not all that far off. And if they die in a tent city; the next stop will likely be a mass burial for the cremated remains of unclaimed people. This is where our once great White society has wound up after 40 years of liberalism and Diversity culminating in the Obama regime.

    1. “I been lonely too lo-ong.”
      “Been lonely…”
      “I been lonley too long.”

      Um, okay. This had zero to do with James Ray(white-guy). Coming from the West, I must say, we were never a “Great White Society”. Old road we’ve been one. Watch gangs of new york documentary. Auto-segregation into ever smaller groups.

      As my last comment to Cliff-ster and a nod to Arturo Maximo, I offer one last paradox to the “truth/supremist” view. We know truth leaves no room for debate. Like a law of physics, it does not bend with agenda, money or politics. I do love the MRI slices of mindset by Cliff though. Anyway, here you are. Theorum: White people are genetically superior.
      Postulate: To make the movement easier, why not target those that are inferior, undeniably, first? Down syndrome, or Down’s syndrome (primarily in the United Kingdom),[1][2] trisomy 21, or trisomy G is a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. Why do these groups fail to burn crosses at Special Olympics or attack, beat, murder these people first? They are, undeniably, inferior.

      Result: There is secondary Agenda. Money, clout or it is too uconscionable by individual identities. “I’m a good man. Only coward-slime would beat a defenseless retard.” But…they are genetically inferior. They can no more defend themselves than a single person surrounded by six. According to theory, that doesn’t matter. But it does. Therefore, the theorum and dogma of supremists is flawed by emotion, ego and exception. It is not truth.

  2. But the beauty of the Obama regime is that Black people and Jewish people have all been able to save oodles of money, although we’ve been spending a lot of it on funeral statuary. You should see the mausoleum that I just built for myself–it makes Senator Roland Burris’s look positively understated. Yes, things have been awfully good for us lesser races since 1970, when Nixon and Ford initiated the age of Diversity and Liberalism. We Jews (oops, we Khazarite pretenders) just need to watch out that our Black brethren don’t enjoy TOO much prosperity, since we only empower them to the extent that we do as a means of undermining White civilization. (I didn’t post the fascinating essay you sent me yesterday, but I did read it).

    Clifford, I know I’m going to regret accepting your comment today after deleting so many of your equally hateful and gratuitous efforts. But we blood-sucking pseudo-Semites allow ourselves such indulgences every now and then. It’s in our Talmud, right after the part about how it’s ok for us to cheat Christians.

    And now for a New Year’s resolution and a suggestion. The resolution is that I’m not going to post anything you send me anymore. It’s just too much tsuris, to use the lingo of my people. And here’s my suggestion: Why don’t you start a blog of your own? Many hosts charge nothing and you’d enjoy the absolute freedom to say whatever you want without having to deal with morally inferior, racially degraded, but politically correct censors like me.

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