9/11 Pager messages

The Guardian announces Wikileaks’ publication of intercepts of more than half a million pager messages, many of them sent by government officials, on 9/11. The messages are being dumped throughout the day today; click here to follow.

Messages released thus far provide evidence of the swirling fear and confusion that marked the day–and will undoubtedly be picked over by conspiracy theorists for evidence that some of the pagers knew precisely what was happening and why. According to the Guardian, “One message from a New York City official sent just minutes after the first attack said: ‘WTC has been hit by an airplane and a bomb.’ Another says: ‘It’s reported that a US military helicopter circled the building then crashed into or next to the Pentagon.’ Later in the day, a message presciently says: ‘We are bombing Afghanistan.'”


3 thoughts on “9/11 Pager messages

  1. Wikileaks is being a bit disingenous in stating “The archive is a completely objective record of the defining moment of our time.”

    There’s a certain fascination in scrolling through these. I think that these are the first two messages to report on the event:

    2001-09-11 08:47:46 Arch [0901509] B ALPHA Someone just told me there was an explosion at

    2001-09-11 08:50:25 Arch [0901509] B ALPHA A plane crashed thru the twin towers. Real bad..BR

  2. You can go to the bank on the fact that the end is very nigh for 911 liars, stalkers, slanderers.

    As for those who say that it’s not appropriate to release personal messages that were texted on 911…. People deserve the truth… What is not right [much less appropriate] is the continual lies and slander that has gone on for years.

    Karma can be a b!tch. Justice is coming and those who deserve their “just desserts” will be finally getting them.

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