Shouting Fire

When I guest-blogged on Boing Boing a couple of weeks ago a lot of frustrated would-be posters wrongly assumed that it was me that was preventing them from being heard. It wasn’t. Boing Boing reserves the right to delete or “disemvowel” comments at will and without explanation–it employs moderators to make sure that racist, sexist, homophobic, and gratuitously ad hominem language is suppressed, that posters aren’t flamed, and that a reasonably civil tone is maintained. Links to relatively innocuous You Tube videos, for example, were taken down if they were hosted on sites that also sell The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The first amendment doesn’t compel third parties to provide a free forum for protected speech–it only prevents the government from banning it. Telling someone to peddle their filth elsewhere or quietly suppressing their remarks isn’t remotely the same thing as censorship. Organizing a boycott of Rush Limbaugh’s or Glenn Beck’s sponsors isn’t an assault on free speech either; it’s free enterprise.

That said, when I started this blog, I decided that I would have an open door policy for posts, so long as they didn’t specifically libel or defame any private citizens. I don’t have a brand to protect, I don’t carry advertisements, I’m not afraid of controversy, and the only agenda I have is the promotion of critical thinking. If I post something about, say, the irrationality of 9/11 denial and a 9/11 Denialist responds by posting something irrational, then the poster has helped me prove my point. If on the other hand the Denialist catches me repeating someone’s falsehood or saying something that’s otherwise in error, it’s still a win for both of us, because the truth is served. The other day I wrote something snarky about the Anti-Defamation League, prompting two anti-Semites to post some really scurrilous commentary. Their words were vile and hurtful, but–and I’m sure this wasn’t their intention–they also provided eloquent testimony as to the continuing importance and relevance of the ADL’s mission. A third post appeared this morning, which pissed me off royally and made me realize that even my tolerance has its limits.

Since I started writing this, I noticed that Green Left Weekly just announced that it’s dis-allowing posts about 9/11 Truth conspiracies on its message board, citing me as one of their reasons (“Boingboing had as their guest blogger a week or two ago Arthur Goldwag who has written a great deal on what’s wrong with conspiracy theorists in general and why its impossible to seriously discuss them”). It’s ironic, but not at all unreasonable, considering Green Left Weekly’s explicitly activist agenda. I’m going to keep my own door open for now. But if enough haters abuse my hospitality, I’ll have to make some changes as well.


9 thoughts on “Shouting Fire

  1. I posted something once commenting on how a video documentary about white supremacists made me think of them as windows into the mind of primitive, tribal, pre-societal mankind. Someone left a comment stating “death to race traitors.”

    I left it up.

  2. Arthur,
    we’ve had this same issue for years on Our policy is that as long as a valid e-mail address is provided we will publish it. Truth be told I’m not sure if we’ve ever removed a comment – no matter how vile or racist it is. We’ll comment ourselves – perhaps asking for the tone to be kept a bit more civil, but I think it’s best to publish them. If someone is truly stupid enough to sign their name to something racist, idiotic or just plain trollish, well, I say let them.

  3. Here, here. I second that emotion, Hume’s Ghost and Arthur. But, and there’s always a big BUTT, there is the idea of…I can’t think of the word…where a violent offender is brought back from the brink and reintigrated. A cult member comes back to reality.

    I want to think a certain poster was sucked in. That he may have been wronged horribly, recall houses being trashed by a mob or a certain truck driver beaten. Hume, for the majority of human history slavery, genocide, polygamy and race/religion based hatred was the rule rather than the exception. We ARE working against those primal instincts. Irony is that early, accepting, free thinking democratic micro-societies in the new world were pirate ships plying the Carribean.

    The poster changed his tempo so I am hoping there is something there still. I am no psychiatrist. But I think he needs to see for himself that the things taught, not in the communal hall, but in the back rooms after indoctrination, are not true. For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses will never have a flier stating that the soul is literally in blood and that it is a sin to accept or donate blood not matter the reason. They wait until after you are judged to be a good candidate for membership.

    I agree that Athur’s site is not a rescue site. He is a patient and open moderator. I wish the poster would buy his books and read them. That he explore his “enemies”. Hang out with a Rabbi. Befriend a Jew. Go fishing. Go to a charismatic church in Dallas. Volunteer for the church car wash. Tour Isreal. Visit Orthodox Christians. Have coffee and watch the people in the malls. If he is truly immeresed in truth, he has nothing to fear. But if his faith is shaken, he may come around. It is a broad brush that makes conspiracy, if he exposes himself to the tiny nuances of life, it makes that brush harder to grip.

    Black Friday is an opportunity for him. If he dresses normal, goes out to Toys’ R’ Us and locates a mom of a “horrid” ethnicity and says, “Excuse me. I have to get something for my niece. Do you have any idea what 6 year old girls are into?” Then if he ever gets the chance, sit on a subway and say, “I am doing a paper for school. I need to interview random people. Can you tell me what inspired you most about your mother or father?”

    He may discover Shakespere. Explore Confusious(spelling, I know). If he is christian he needs to look at his fruits of the spirit. Forgiveness, acceptance and grace are the hardest things to do. Love is patient, love is kind, love is peace and understanding. It is quick to forgive and slow to anger. God is love. Those things ruin the core of most hate groups. It also exposes fraudulant sects and hypocrites. Read Dr. Laura Schlesinger. Turn off news channels and read Charles Dickens. Read, read, read. Gulag Archipellago, I, Claudius. Cry the Beloved Country. It is normal, primative, behavior to be more threatening than those who threaten you. Take a cease fire. A year’s meditation. Work an oil derrik in the middle of Texas. I don’t know. Be still. Rediscover the world you live in for yourself. It still has some awe in it, I guarantee.

  4. Virtually every time I take my car on the roads here in Jersey, I encounter the mind of primitive, tribal, pre-societal mankind.

  5. JEWRY HAS BEEN WAGING A RELENTLESS WAR on White America ever since its first large scale wave of immigration to America from Eastern Europe and Russia beginning in 1880.

    The first attack on White America, (perceived by the Jews as a power bloc that would oppose their lust for power and control), took place in the public school system at the turn of the 20th Century.

    Through their increased centers of Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee with their first meeting in New York City in 1906 to demand “rights for Jews” (rights were never denied to Jews) and which divided America into 12 Jewish districts – along with Jewry’s economic rise within White America seeking to “strengthen Judaism against its Christian competitors in the marketplace,” Jewry took up arms against traditional White cultural expressions such as Bible readings, prayer, singing of Christmas Carols, and the celebration of Christmas and Easter in America’s schools.

    This attack by the Jews on public Christian expression was first outlined by Henry Ford in his book, The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem, published in 1921. Ford and others after him such as Professor Kevin MacDonald have pointed out that it was the American Jewish Committee which first vigorously advocated for open immigration in America beginning in 1914 until the great watershed in 1965 with the Open Immigration Law of 1965, trumpeted, advanced, and implemented through Jewish influence in US Congress.

    Ford wrote in 1921 as a warning to America regarding Jewry’s mission to diminish the Euro-White presence in the US: “The energies of the Jewish powers are concentrated on the task of preventing America from changing the immigration laws in a manner to protect the country from undesirable aliens.”

    Prof. Kevin MacDonald wrote in 2002: “The primary objective of Jewish political activity is to create a Jewish safety-net in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups.”

    Open immigration as foisted on Americans by the Jews has now come home to roost in every major city in the US, turning our once White American cities into Third World scenarios. “Diversity Is Our Strength!” proclaim the Jews in their closed neighborhoods. But in fact, “Diversity Is Jewry’s Strength!” – subverting and weakening the only power bloc that could ever oppose Jewry’s lust for power – White Christian America. For it is in a racially diverse environment that Jews can rule over their White Christian hosts.


    WHILE EVEN JEWS ADMIT that Hollywood is run by wealthy Jewish movie moguls and their sycophant Jewish actors and script writers, the entertainment of Americans is focused on undermining the confidence of traditional white Western man.

    Indeed, Hollywood is the vanguard of the anti-white movement, and several of this year’s movies are proof. One movie in particular, District 9, a story about human discrimination against peace-loving aliens who have come to Earth as refugees, is a telling illustration of Hollywood’s perpetual attack on ‘whitey.’ In District 9, the aliens land in Johannesburg and are forced to live in a filthy shanty town, segregated from human society. The Apartheid metaphor is obvious.

    Closed-minded humans, that is, ‘whites’ appear on the screen saying things such as, “Non-humans don’t belong here,” and, “We are spending too much money to keep them here,” all interspersed with black South Africans to suggest that THEY are the non-humans whom the ‘bigoted’ whites discriminate against. The Jew, Robin Williams, an American “hero,” has a lead role in the movie’s promo. Director-Script Writer, Neill Blomkamp, admits that due to black street violence, he and his Afrikaner family fled Johannesburg for Vancouver in 1997 when Blomkamp was in his teens. Hollywood’s hypocrisy is shameless.

    The movie is set in Johannesburg, South Africa, and before the phrases, “Coexistence Is Never Easy,” “Picking Up Non-Humans Is Forbidden,” and, “They Are Not Human,” comes on the screen, viewers are manipulated to think that South Africans had revived Apartheid. Viewers are visually and audibly programmed to think that the phrase, “They are not humans,” is supposed to be what South African whites think of blacks.

    On Jewish-owned Sony Pictures’ District 9 Website, regulations are listed for “non-humans” who must live in a special area called District 9—from which the movie’s name is taken—and work mostly in mines. The rules listed for them include identification tags to be worn at all times, designated restroom facilities in public places, forbidding sexual relationships between humans and non-humans, and denial of using public drinking fountains. View Sony Pictures’ Jewish CEO Here.

    Sony’s promo also contains a ‘public safety message’ as if released by an Apartheid government. The video implores viewers to contact the authorities by an 800 number if they see any non-humans escaping from District 9. The video concludes with a picture of a wholesome-looking white family with the caption, “Keeping humans safe by keeping non-humans separate.”

    The purpose of the Jew-inspired movie, of course, is to mock whites who oppose multiculturalism. The refugee aliens are a metaphor for Third World immigrants living in America and Europe. ‘Humans,’ that is, whites, are shown to be xenophobic nativists with bigoted attitudes towards ‘non humans,’ that is, blacks. View Entire Story Here & Here.


    FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS YEAR, fifty Jewish leaders of the Jewish Federations of North America (there are literally THOUSANDS of Jewish organizations EVERYWHERE) met with President Obama at the White House on November 9, 2009 to discuss “Jewish concerns.” (America has become a FOCUSED VENUE for JEWISH CONCERNS.)

    White House staff at the meeting included all the King’s Jews: Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, top advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett; Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag; National Security Council staffer Dan Shapiro; and White House Jewish outreach official Susan Sher. (No “Smiths” or “Millers” in this list.)

    William Daroff, Director of The Jewish Federations of North America’s Washington office, said that the group discussed “issues of concern to the Jewish community including social services, (more handouts to Jewish charities as Obama allotted in his Stimulus Plan); foreign policy (giving Israel settlers free reign); and the recession” (keeping the incensed White Goyim at bay.)

    Jerry Silverman, President and CEO of The Jewish Federations of North America, told the press after the meeting: “We were thankful to have an opportunity to discuss a number of our concerns with the administration’s senior team and look forward to continuing to reach out to them in the future to ensure the voice of the Jewish community is heard loud and far in Washington.” View Entire Story Here & Here.

    The voice of Jewry being heard “loud and far” in Washington has been on “instant replay” ever since Obama became President in January of 2009.

    Again, on July 13, 2009, Obama met with 16 leaders of 14 major US Jewish groups which included the Israel advocacy lobbies, AIPAC and J-Street.

    As noted by the Jewish-controlled press, “There is a longstanding tradition of presidents meeting with Jewish leaders who are members of the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations.” (This is now a “tradition” in America – Jews presiding over presidential affairs.)

    Ratcheting up the pressure on Obama to maintain a domestic policy of “continual crisis” regarding Jewish issues, Ira Forman, Director of the National Jewish Democratic Council and Nathan Diament of the Orthodox Union, stated: “We warned the president of incitements, violence, and commitments on accepting the reality of Israel” (they mean the “reality” of Jewry’s power in America). And, of course, Obama’s Jews, Emanuel and Axelrod, were present in discussing “other issues of Jewish concern.” View Entire Story Here & Here.

    ALL MATTERS JEWISH IS NOW America’s focus. As we witness the extinction of the White race, more immigration into America from the Third World, and Hollywood’s insults of White culture, we now have a special envoy to “monitor Anti Semitism in America.” This envoy is a veteran of Jewish lobbying, the former head of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Hannah Rosenthal.

    But will there ever be a “special envoy” to combat “Anti White-ism” in America? Not on your life. Jews own domestic policy in America and White Americans are their target to subvert, diminish, and destroy. The Anti Christ is on his way…

  6. btw/ the above post was not written by me, it is by Brother Nathanael Kapner– a Jew.

    PS/ I am not an anti-semite, and you may not be aware of what you write, but you helping to prove that whenever anything goes against Israel or Jews it automatically goes in that slot.

    PS/ Read Natanael Kapner’s website and after you label him a “self-hating Jew” as 99.9 Zionists and Jews will or do…..ask yourselves why he thinks this way because I agree with every word on his website and so do many others.

    Just giving him the brush-off or acting offended does NOT give much logic to your thinking.

  7. You falsers are the 9/11 deniers, preferring to remain willfully ignoring of the logical implications of WTC7’s free fall and a mound of other evidence, and you are in denial of the fact that Boing-Boing deletes comments simply for suggesting as much, because the moderators there are in denial too. That you would whine about people coming to you about having such comments deleted and make excuses for those Boing-Boing doing the deleting rather than discussing their censorship with them is simply absurd.

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