Straussianism redux

An expanded version of the I Was a Teenaged Straussian post went up on Boing Boing today; click here if you’re interested.


3 thoughts on “Straussianism redux

  1. Regarding Shadia Drury, the most damning thing I’ve seen about Strauss’ personal views is the letter he wrote shortly before he emigrated out of Germany in which he described his political principles as “fascist, authoritarial, and imperial” – and that it was only upon these grounds that Hitler could be opposed.

    Scott Horton has offered some thoughtful (imo) commentary on the letter in multiple venues, but here’s one

    1. thank you for this. I am going to post it (if you haven’t already) in the Boing Boing comments, so it can be seen by as many people as possible. I’ll correct “authoritarial.”

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