Hoaxes, Celebrity, and Death on the Net

Just posted on my Boing Boing guest blog–an essay that draws from one of my earliest posts on this blog (Death and the Internet) and the Balloon Boy and the Yes Men post I put up a few weeks ago. Click here.


3 thoughts on “Hoaxes, Celebrity, and Death on the Net

  1. Hi Arthur-

    I don’t expect you to publish this message, but this is the only way I know how to reach you. You initially seemed like a good-hearted and fair mined individual, and maybe you really are? However, I’m sure you remember when your Mom always told ya that you’d be judged by the company you keep. I don’t expect a response, but I just wanted to express my disappointment in your friend Antious the moderator over at Boing Boing. I’ve always felt that the First Amendment was always the greatest thing about this country, but obviously something your friends at Boing Boing obviously care nothing about. I hope they at least shared my initial and most lengthy comment that they never even published. It came from the heart. I was equally disappointed to see my links were deleted even when they contained nothing but YouTube links of Norm Mineta or Bush speaking on camera. The biggest disappointment was realizing yesterday evening that Antious had blocked me from further comments. I checked tonight to see they have brought in the professional shills now that the real debaters have been silenced. This Boing Boing relationship seems such unlike my initial impression of you, but then again Mom also said that you can never judge a book by it’s cover.

    Can you please tell Antious that he is a spineless coward, and that this little house of cards will come burning down soon enough? Please tell him that Daniel Edd Bland III sends a personal guarantee behind that promise.

    “Closing walls, and ticking clocks” – Coldplay

    The generals of the universe have finally pissed off the wrong Private!

    Daniel Edd Bland III

    1. Boing Boing invited me to blog on their site for two weeks and I was and am happy to do so. I am not an employee or a contractor, I am their guest. Their policies are their own.

      I only see what gets posted on Boing Boing; if you want to send the comment to me I will be happy to read it.

      1. It was just one of those initial responses straight from the heart. It’s a shame they didn’t publish it. Maybe they will send you a copy if you ask for it. It’s worth reading if you are the type of man I assessed initially. Anyway, thanks for at least making an attempt to get some good educated debate going. It seemed to be working until the censuring began. Take care!


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