Make-Your-Own conspiracy theories

Just stumbled on this diverting article from the Journal of Heretical Ideas on The Persistence of Conspiracy Theory . It was published last summer, spookily enough on the same day that CULTS, CONSPIRACIES, AND SECRET SOCIETIES officially came into the world. It’s followed by five invented conspiracy theories that create seemingly plausible patterns by stringing unrelated facts together, demonstrating why conspiracy theories are so sticky and resistant to debunking. One scenario connects the dots between “death panel” rumors, the unrest in Iran, and Obama’s relationship to Jeremiah Wright, revealing Obama Care to be a plot to kill off elderly Jews, Israel’s most stalwart supporters, so that Iran can have a free hand to launch the nuclear attacks that will bring about the End Times that the Fundamentalist Christian Obama devoutly longs for. The other four show that the Tea Bag movement is controlled by the Sierra Club, that Russia is promoting global warming, and that both Medieval monarchs and Barack Obama are members of an alien race.

But as ingenious and outlandish as they are, I think it’s safe to say that Orly Taitz could give any of them a run for the money–even on her worst day, and before she’d even drank her first cup of coffee.


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