This Just In: James Arthur Ray’s “Secret” Theory Flawed

From the Christian NewsWire:

Did self-proclaimed personal-success strategist James Arthur Ray reveal a flaw in his teachings on the principles of the The Secret (Rhonda Byrne, Atria Books, 2006) during his “spiritual warrior” spiritual cleansing ceremony at a new-age sweat lodge in Sedona this month where three attendees died, another in critical care, and 19 hospitalized?

“Yes.” says San Diego megachurch pastor and best-selling author Dr. Jim Garlow, author of The Secret Revealed; Heaven and the Afterlife; and New York Times bestseller Cracking DiVinci’s Code.

“Byrne’s The Secret prominently features the teachings of James Arthur Ray, even including him in the ‘Biographies’ section at the end of the book. Many people do not realize how truly bizarre the central theme of The Secret really is,” said Garlow. “They mistakenly think it is just another self-help, positive mental attitude book. It is not!”

“Byrne claims that people can project their thoughts into the universe like some sort of a radio transmitter.” Garlow said “Then the universe is bound, according to The Secret, to give them things based on those thoughts. Succinctly said, this is totally bogus.”

Posted without comment because, well, really–what could I possibly say?


2 thoughts on “This Just In: James Arthur Ray’s “Secret” Theory Flawed

  1. No, I think “the secret” works, it is just that James Ray’s thoughts are so terrible that this is what he attracted.

    Just kidding, “the secret” is a scam.

  2. Maybe he’d be wise to admit scam, though. Otherwise, he’d be proving The Secret with his own dark thoughts. He was, it has been shown, tweeting about death in the days leading up to the deaths that occurred. Makes you wonder: Were they caused by “his” thinking? It’s all so very surreal. Surely, no one in his camp really believes these people were having so much fun they decided not to come back. This has been reported as the reason why at least two of the three people are no longer with us, according to the transcript from the phone call Ray placed with the surviving Spiritual Warriors. Ridiculous!

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