The real mystery of Flight 188–why so few rumors?

I’m astonished and disappointed at the lack of imagination out there in the Internets. After almost four full days, all I’m finding on this story are a handful of minute updates, tweaks really, from the MSM: the old-fashioned flight recorder only captured the flight’s final half hour, when the fully-awake pilots were already back-tracking from Eau Claire; the White House was informed of the situation while it was developing; the pilots, who passed their breathalyzer tests, still insist that they weren’t asleep. There’s a You Tube comedy sketch (the pilots were partying), another You Tube sketch in which a crazy indulges in five minutes of paranormal speculation and Satanic numerology , some risque speculation that there was sexual hanky panky going on, but not much else.

On the conspiratorial website AboveTopSecret a former Delta flight attendant posts that it must have been a Black Op; someone else raises the interesting point that the passengers seemed to have been strangely unconcerned about the delay.

Which makes me wonder: If the plane had those animated maps on the seat backs, then surely someone should have noticed that they’d overshot their destination–unless the passengers had also been zapped by whatever the pilots were zapped with (perhaps a top secret Quantum Phase Disruptor weapon, aimed from a CIA base on the ground; or maybe the plane flew through a particularly pungent Chemtrail).

The emerging consensus seems to be that the hapless pilots were napping. Is the Blogosphere’s new-found respect for critical thinking fallout from the Balloon Boy hoax? I tend to think that the 9/11 Truth Community–the source for a disproportionate amount of conspiracy theory–is taking a silent stance this time because the story undercuts so many of its own presuppositions. Or maybe it’s just the week end. Click here and here for my previous posts.


One thought on “The real mystery of Flight 188–why so few rumors?

  1. Okay. Sorry I have been out of the loop. Feel like smashed ass with a migraine from caffenine withdrawls. Weds ran a sledgehammer to put new tie-rod ends in a Mack along with a drag link. Thursday was hoisting hydraulic manifold on a rapid rail. Every night my little punkin was into “Daddy, hold me” mode. So, Saturday I carried her for six hours at the women’s expo with my back feeling like it had ground glass between the disks. Too weak today until now to get coffee, hence, the migraine.
    It was a week where I said,”I hope I get the flu. Then my wife has to do everything and I can stay at home with the kidlet at the sitter.” Definetly not 19.75 years old anymore.

    Flight 188. Yes, yes, Chauncy. Let us go to the gazebo. Swish a snifter of brandy…hu-hu-haw, indeed.

    I am suprised you have not let this go. How evolved are we? We have discovered our planet. We have slaughtered or uplifted all of culturallry slow bretheren. We have become guilty of doing so. No longer have war for tangiable conquest and wrestle with less tangiable foe. Terror, food, energy, bio-sphere, inalienable right, religion, etc. But…how advanced are we? Unwound from our swaddles of civilization? Have you seen scare tactics? I find it most entertaining to watch people put in completely unrealistic situations. How they react. What tactics are the ones that reduce people to babbling idiots a breath away from passing out? The ones that involve ghosts. It is amazing to see. The ones involving aliens. Not one soul is taken with awe or tries to make first contact. No. Screaming in terror. Why?
    X-files, “It is not something that can be easily boxed, labeled, catagorized or contained.” Fear is amazing. How many times have you heard, “My training just took over…” from rescue workers or soldiers.

    Flight 188. Did anyone die? No. How many times have you heard of a flight recorder being rushed to the White House? Never. NTSB always takes care of it. When a plane goes off course, we hear about it sure. But a big hubbub? No.

    What ever happened with the last flight that went down from Brasil in the middle of the Atlantic? Nobody really said. The eye of the press moves away. Air France Airbus A330-200. June 1, 2009. Air France reported that the plane had radioed in that they were going through turbulence. They also reported that a message, “signalling electrical circuit malfunction,” was received before it disappeared. Some have speculated that lightning may have caused the Airbus to crash, but aernautics experts believe the scenario unlikely for a modern aircraft.

    Can we, us modern humans, live with a real scare tactic? Methinks most governments would like us to peacefully contnue making GDP and pay taxes. Get a vaccine so you don’t miss work. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. You really don’t want to miss Blue Jean Friday. Packing up and heading for the hills is not productive behavior. How about another little blurb that goes nowhere?
    Adam Air Flight KI-574 went missing on January 1, 2007. This is where the mystery begins. No one knows what really happened yet. The flight left Java island for North Sulawesi. Apparently there was no distress signal sent during the flight. The flight lost contact with air traffic controllers about halfway into its two hour flight. A large number of domestic and international parties are involved in investigating the situation, and searching for the plane and those on board. Some of the many parties include: U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, Boeing, Federal Aviation Administration, General Electric, the U.S. and Indonesian Navy, among many others.

    A deep sea probe for the aircraft has begun.
    Why would GE care about this? So many whys. Is mass media controlled? Yes. We got to watch Ron Paul get blackballed. The vast majority of people cannot handle the truth. What is the truth? You have bills to pay. Your kids need love. Eat a sammy and don’t worry about it. If there is no follow-up, that means it has been resolved. Rationally. Be specially trained people. In a blue sedan. Parked outside your house…

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