Flight 188, continued

A couple of thoughts….

1) Where are the 9/11 Truth people on this? Me, I’m open to the idea that people can be incompetent and irresponsible in every walk of life–even commercial aviation–but Truthers insist that it’s unthinkable that mere hijackers could hijack and crash airplanes in the most guarded airspace in the world. What do they make of this scenario? Why would an all-powerful government allow a blacked out plane to fly God knows where for over an hour without an overwhelming military response? The FAA made a bigger fuss over Balloon Boy’s supposed incursion into Colorado’s air space. I know that fighters were eventually scrambled (but didn’t take off); I know that the pilots had to identify themselves to other airline pilots by dipping their wings or whatever–but that didn’t happen till the end. I checked out Alex Jones’s site and he doesn’t seem to have posted anything yet. Ditto for Pilots for 9/11 Truth. In fact, when I Google “conspiracy” and “Flight 188,” mostly what I come up with is my own blog.

Perhaps I can give them some help. The pilots were drugged by government agents; the plane was meant to run out of fuel and crash over northern Michigan. This would have provided a diversion from something Obama was planning to do that day–maybe arrest Glenn Beck or something. The only accidental part was when the pilots woke up. Or maybe none of this happened at all–it’s all a giant disinformation scheme to cover up something else. Maybe the government wanted to prevent one of the passengers from arriving in Minneapolis on time. Someone should get hold of the passenger list. NB All of the above scenarios are sarcastic; this blog is skeptical to its core.

2) One of the consequences of 9/11, besides us having to take our shoes off when we pass through airport security (yes, I know, the Richard Reid event happened a little later, on 12/22/01) and the color-coded threat levels (it was orange when I flew from Fort Lauderdale to Newark the other day) is that airline pilots lock themselves into the cockpit. I’m not saying that’s a bad idea–it’s low-tech and it serves a demonstratably sensible purpose–but maybe in this one case, if the flight attendants had had access to the cabin, they would have been able to wake up the pilots if they were asleep, adjudicate if they really were arguing about something, or scare the aliens away, if they were being medically probed.


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