Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1939-2009

Jesse from Montana posted a comment on the death of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the co-founder (with her first husband Mark Prophet) and former leader of The Church Universal and Triumphant, a Theosophist/New Age, UFO-believing, rock-and-roll and homosexuality-hating doomsday survivalist cult. In the mid-1980s Prophet prophesied a massive earthquake in California and an imminent nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. The church eventually purchased the Forbes Ranch near Gardiner, Montana.

It turns out that I come from the same general place that she did (Red Bank, on the the north New Jersey coast), though I didn’t know it until I read her obituary.

Prophet’s daughter Tatiana has written about her mother; her son Sean published a Webzine called Black Sun Journal. Here is a list of some of the church’s stranger beliefs, compiled by Tatiana and published in Black Sun–many of them (that Elizabeth and her husband Mark were the two witnesses foretold in Revelation; the hollow earth and the mole people, for example) familiar to readers of CULTS, CONSPIRACIES, AND SECRET SOCIETIES, as they turn up in other groups as well. W. Cleon Skousen and the international bankers are there too.

5 thoughts on “Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1939-2009

  1. Wow. Most of the bands they go on about are gone now. Retired. Most are what we call classic rock too. Note: If it plays in a grocery store, it is classic rock. (Maybe not Wham!) Chris Paolini’s parents are CUT survivors. FYI.

  2. Disclaimer: By survivor I din’t mean they are current members or mudslinging. They realized they may lose their kids to indoctrination. So the left. No easy feat.

    The only personal experience I have with cut was in Y2K. I was digging phone trenches with George T., “The Indefatigueable Dr. Moreau”. His skin was bleached because of Agent Orange. Wore a straw hat and beady sunglasses. He laughed at the nickname. He was also an evil Mormon. Told me he would keep me on as his gardener in the Celestial Kingdom. Anyway, we got a job to put new phone line at a bunker/house. Nerve wracking being watched from afar by a dude in a pickup. We bagged the job because they didn’t give us plans for the bunker and we didn’t want the backhoe to fall threw the top. No idea how big it was but it did have a garage.

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