The Real Conspiracy in Hardin, MT

Talking Points Memo reveals the real conspiracy in Hardin, Montana–and it’s a lot scarier than the specter of devil-worshipping international plutocrats locking up Anglo-Saxon American gun owners and applying experimental flu vaccines to their already over-fluoridated genes. It’s scarier because 1) It’s true, 2) It’s legal, and 3) It’s the real face of “privatization”–yet another example of the way that those who have the means and the political access already get more and more of what they don’t deserve, and get it from the people who can least afford it. It’s a system that benefits from America’s obscene and unconscionable rate of incarceration, even if no one actually ends up occupying the prisons that it builds. It’s not the government stealing, exactly–it’s the government enabling and encouraging and abetting the private sector to steal from its citizens and itself. It’s the system that enabled Blackwater to reap billions in no-bid federal largess in Iraq; it’s the system that rewarded big banks for failing and that’s poised to allow private insurers to dictate the terms of health care reform. The MSM is finally starting to cover this story, but more as a joke than the scandal and the tragedy that it truly is.


3 thoughts on “The Real Conspiracy in Hardin, MT

  1. They couldn’t even use a local construction outfit. Sigh, Judy Martz. Local news again, grr. Gallatin Valley is finally building a new prison. What a fiasco. Too many people were starting to figure out that it was “pay to play” here. Boatloads of 5, 6, 7, 8 and up to 10 time DUI winners. As long as you paid your fines, they suspended all jail time under the excuse that the jail was over capacity. My father in law(passed away) got to schedule his week in jail because he chose that instead. He put in time off from work that coincided. So, he took his vacay at jail. Spent the time reading and watching tv. The other reason was that the ACLU was constantly trying to sue. They didn’t like “the dog kennels”. Too many suicides. Personally I think if the ACLU isn’t suing then your jail isn’t “correctional”. The public finally got sick of domestic abusers, thieves and vandals laughing it off when there was no room for them and they promised to pay. Then got released. The police were complaining that sometimes they let shoplifters go within a few hours. Somebody was going to get shot by citezenry sometime. I was told by a deputy during a “very Jerry” moment that they weren’t going to take a violent man away or do anything other than give a warning because the jail was full. The look on his face. The look of total fear and defeat on a little girl’s face…the only thing I believe stopped him from retribution was his knowledge that I could and would begin and end an event before police arrived. Jails suck. But you gotta have them. Sometimes it would be nice to have vigilante justice but that usually involves whiskey and not a crime lab.

  2. Ola! Arthurgoldwag,
    Thanks you for your post, there are all these nut jobs like alex jones that try to prove all these stupid conspiracy theorys about 9/11 and stuff. my question is there anyone that trys to prove there was no conspiracy?

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