APF and Hardin, MT go their separate ways

Hardin, MT’s agreement with the APF is dead. The paramilitary firm will not be running the for-profit prison the town built but couldn’t find a tenant for or providing it with police services after all.

The American Police Force is the Gestapo-looking private security firm fronted by the convicted con-man Michael Hilton. Though there’s little reason to believe that it is anything but a scam (its risibly unconvincing website suggests that it wasn’t even a particularly sophisticated scam, just a highly brazen one), Alex Jones and David Icke have been all over the story (I provided a link to one conspiratorial interpretation in an earlier post). David Icke, btw, is the guy who believes the Illuminati is really an alien race of shape-shifting reptile-humanoid hybrids (the Bushes, Queen Elizabeth, the Clintons, the Rockefellers, and of course the Rothschilds all belong to its bloodline) who are working to enslave humanity in the manner described in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Their fear-mongering appears to have borne some fruit. Here’s a post that appeared on the website of the Three Rivers Authority, Hardin’s economic development agency, the other day:

Tanya Thursday, 10/1/09, 6:59 PM

DON’T CENSOR THE TRUTH! The following comment was deleted earlier, fortunately I copied it… For all of you who don’t know what the fuss is about, you owe it to yourself to watch ‘Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement’ (on YouTube) to gain some insight into WHY they are doing this, and why “APF” will be taking over other cities throughout the US in the very near future. We are under attack by a eugenicist global dictatorship, but the people are to mind-controlled to see it, or too scared of being labelled a tinfoil- hat-wearing conspiracy theorist to consider information outside mainstream news. HELLO, the mainstream media is controlled by the same facists who we have ALLOWED (through ignorance) to systematically strip away our freedoms. They use the hegelian dialect (Problem/Reaction/Solution) to cleverly herd the mass-medicated public* to the slaughter. These eugenicists want 80-90% of us DEAD. Watch ‘Loose Change’ and ‘Fabled Enemies’ (both on YouTube) to gain insight into their tactics of manipulation and decption. Look this stuff up and you will see it’s all true. I have spent years trying to disprove the Globalist Conspiracy so I can get some peace and I CAN’T!!! If you love your family, and don’t want to watch your kids be dragged off to concentration camps or die from the toxic vaccines they are telling us we need, you will look into this before drawing conclusions. Infowars.com & Prisonplanet.com and DavidIcke.com (especially the forums, where you can ask questions) are good places to start, as is the YouTube video ‘Wake Up Call’, along with the other videos I mentioned. PLEAE PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELVES! I am not saying this to fearmonger, but because if we all realize who the true enemies of humanity are, we can stand together in peaceful revolution, reclaim our peace and freedom, and finally bring an end to the needless suffering brought by those merciless individuals who see us as parasites and want to exterminate us. *Water fluoridation was first introduced in Nazi concentration camps to keep prisoners docile. Now add this to all the toxic additives in our food supply, including known neurotoxins, as well as the neuro-linguistic-programming we are bombarded with everytime we turn on the TV, and it is little wonder we’ve fallen for it. WAKE UP!


4 thoughts on “APF and Hardin, MT go their separate ways

  1. God I love my neighbors. Woo-wee! I feel so sorry for the people of Hardin. They are so desperate for jobs, the Crow too. They took a big gamble and lost. Local municipalities want to keep fed dollars and will gladly run jails over-capacity to do so. Hardin underestimated how much so. No industry, no services and no mines. The environmentalist groups and low import prices gutted the town economicly. No GITMO prisoners cause Baucus is skeert. The chil’ren will move away for work and she’ll be over like red rover in 20yrs. They shoulda known better. A California millionare blows into town with brand new mercedes SUV’s and promises the moon and stars. C’mon now. That should’ve raised red flags but our local officials have been brain dead for a while. Look at Blixseth. I remember seeing a week long special in the chronicle about how great all the “new money” was coming into our naive state. Shove the “tin foils” in the closet and be a sycophant. Little town in BFE. Californian. Shootin’ the mouth off with flash’n’cash. Californian. Drives new Mercedes. Californian. Come on people!

  2. We need to back to pre-1990 paranoia. Remember the phrases: “Hell hath no fury like a New York attorney on retainer.” “Keep Montana clean. Put a Californian on a bus.”
    If your driving home in the mountains and you accidentally smoke someone that came busting out of the woods, fleeing in terror from a porcupine, and the driver’s licsence says NY, NY. You don’t help. You calmly go home. Sell everything you own, stuff the cash in a bag, burn all your I.D., and live off-grid in the wastelands of Ekalaka.
    Never believe anything a Californian says. Smile, act like a helpful bumpkin and give them directions to logging roads out in Bob Marshal. They have already ruined their state, why would you want them here?

  3. Democracies can try to galvanize their citizens to deal with complicated economic and political issues, which are vexing and often humiliating for at least some elected officials, who might or might not have been the ones who pandered and/or made the horrible decisions–look at California indeed! Or you can blame the Illuminati.

    From where I’m sitting, this looks like as local an issue as local gets–the leadership of a broke town makes a desperate gamble and doubles down when it fails (maybe accepting a few kickbacks along the way). The guys that look the most like carpet baggers to me–besides the fake policemen–are Texas’s Alex Jones and England’s David Icke, who seem not to have considered the fact that sinister secret armies rarely advertise themselves as such–or mount a PR campaign about their concentration camps.

    1. Good sir,

      I will keep commenting until you kick me off. *Grin* Somebody has to play Devil’s advocate. I like people like my music. As long as it’s good. If she still has some local papers they might be fun to borrow. The police reports are always funnier then the comics. I sent her an article once about some good ol’ boys that trashed up a gated communities golf course. Spinning brodies. Running the carts and a Gator 6X6 off into a ravine. All the cops found was a Dukes of Hazard hat. Shit you not. It didn’t say but I am sure there were some MGD cans scattered about. I can’t go to a café(outside Bozeman because it has been overrun with bleeding hearts) without finding local theorists. I wanted to bring DOOM! To your attention because I love to read the comments on articles. Sometimes they are more insightful than the story. I remember reading some article about “helicopter Ben” and there was a comment. “Expect Dow 9,000.” That’s all it was. It struck me and I sold off some things in my IRA and shifted into treasuries in my 401k. I laughed at my banker when she tried to get me to sign my kid up into a 529. Left cash savings into CD because I read comments about GMAC before the implosion. Now it is Ally bank and the rates are artificial plump because they are a bailout bank run by Fed. This was before the “slump, bump, slowdown” we are now in. I knew it was going to be nasty because a lot of the commenter’s, I suspect, are whistle-blower types that management couldn’t wait to get rid of. Then the local Prospera(Breakfast Optimist Club) group touted in the paper that Montana was immune to national trends. Ha-ha-ha. I know of young women that want to be strippers because the waitress jobs are filled by ex-hotel housekeepers and the dishwasher used to be a roofer. Stripping won’t pay because the roofer is now a dishwasher. The mines are closing because mfg. is going overseas and timber/extraction is dead because there are enviros backed by the wealthy populists that could care less. I have a conspiracy on that. It is like the Silver Panic once more. I used to wonder what made a ghost town. The population simply leaving. Watching Detroit is amazing. May you live in interesting times. A lot of the guiding light for my thought, in a sense, has been The Gulag Archipelago and I, Claudius. I think it was Sophocles that said that philosophy was the study of old men preparing to die. It should not be discussed with anyone under 50. I stopped studying philosophy. I simply haven’t experienced enough of life. Sometimes, though, I think our conspiracies are based in fact. To find the root is tough. It is an art to sift through it all. I see America as a huge pirate ship. They were the earliest democracies in the new world. I see our populations, with what we believe and stand for, what we think of as contemporary, as a fluid morass. One of the thrills about my Army experience was watching people work under Martial Law. What things are stripped away. One thing I got to experience is that the more you squeeze individuality out of a person, like a sponge, it becomes more concentrated. To a core juice of some kind. It is awesome. Oops, baby awake

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