More thoughts on Hofstadter’s “Paranoid Style”

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One thought on “More thoughts on Hofstadter’s “Paranoid Style”

  1. Glad to see the author in that link making reference to Hofstadter’s less famous essay, “The Pseudo-Conservative Revolt.”

    I’ve been waiting for someone in the news (print or tv) to quote the following passage from the conclusion, as it seems to be a particularly prescient and acute analysis of what is going on with, say, global warming or health care.

    “[I]n a populistic culture like ours, which seems to lack a responsible elite with political and moral autonomy, and in which it is possible to exploit the wildest currents of public sentiment for private purposes, it is at least conceivable that a highly organized, vocal, active and well-financed minority could create a political climate in which the rational pursuit of our well-being and safety would become impossible.”

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