Top 40 favorite conspiracy theories

These lists (there are four of them) found their way to me from the Listverse site. I am posting them without comment, purely for their entertainment value.

Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

Ten More Conspiracy Theories

Still another ten conspiracy theories

Yet still ten more conspiracy theories


2 thoughts on “Top 40 favorite conspiracy theories

  1. Mr. Goldwag, your entertaining, and, yes, educational, book “Cults, Conspiracies & Secret Societies” omitted one cult. That being the worshipers of Ayn Rand. There are those who can’t get enough of her writings and utterances concerning every facet of life. It’s almost a religious ferver. Your thoughts would genuinely be welcome.

  2. I wrote a little about “Objectivism”–Rand’s utilitarian, laisez faire philosophy of principled self-interest–in my book ISMS & OLOGIES. I agree that she led a cult of personality during her heyday, especially before she split with Branden. As obsessive as Randians may be about her today, I don’t believe that the movement is coercive or totalizing. If you know differently, I will stand corrected.

    The anarcho-capitalist libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard wrote a devastating critique of Rand’s movement in the 1970s, “The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult.” You can read it here.

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