The face of right-wing conspiracism

Click here to read David Weigel’s chilling account of the “How to Take Back America” conference in St. Louis. Although the memes and the templates are the same as they were in the old days (creeping One-Worldism, subversion of the body politic by liberal fellow travelers, an abiding sense of Christian victimhood), the enemy is no longer Jewish–that role has been taken by the conspiracists themselves. Hume’s Ghost has been writing about this phenomenon at the Daily Doubter.

If the far right believes that gun owners, unborn babies, and states rightists are today’s Jews (and Sarah Palin their Esther), then who are the evil-doers who are really Jewish by birth–Rahm Emanuel and especially his brother Ezekiel, the “death czar”; the rootless cosmopolitan moneybags George Soros; Barbra Streisand;  the Arab-appeasers at J Street?…. And how do the neo-Nazis feel about everyone painting swastikas and Hitler mustaches on Barack Obama? It’s a serious question, and one that I intend to explore.


5 thoughts on “The face of right-wing conspiracism

  1. I’ve begun calling this phenomenon “conservative supremacism.”

    Folks like Ann Coulter demonize “liberals” the way racist supremacists demonize whatever target they seek to scapegoat.

    And the increasingly violent, revolutionary rhetoric coupled with the apocalyptic fears completely detached from any kind of objective view of reality lead me to suspect that for such hardcore movement conservatives their simply is no such thing as a legitimate gov’t that is not run/dominated by leaders they view as part of their In-group.

    See here for example.

    And here’s another example of what I consider conservative supremacism: the wish to disenfranchise those who don’t vote your way.

    Neal Boortz, who at the time was broadcast 30+ hours a week where I live and sees his books take up an entire shelf in the books stores when they come out [talking 5,6 rows across; 5 or 6 deep], also endorsed Coulter’s call to end women’s suffrage and also to the suffrage of poor people.

  2. Little confused. Gun-owners and Palin are “Jews” for being victims and placing a “race card” or are they “Jews” for conspiracy?
    Jewing and Jewed means so many things that it has lost its meaning, perchance. Is that not a good thing? A neo-na is probably spinning because the slang/populist definitions have shifted from 20 years ago. A viewed “Neo-com” is in the same basket as a “Neo-na”. Both feminine and masculine socialism. Frustrating that Obama is being labeled a Nazi. One of those “You can be anti-social but that won’t save you from recieving a label.” things. Neo’s aught to be happy. They wanted their party to be viewed as “bad guy”/tough scary and they have achieved that. It’s just that their message is lost because no one finds them popular or titillating. Forgive me if I run with this.
    I could say, I am Jewed out of Christmas because my boss is a Nazi and forces us to work the next day even if it’s Saturday. He Jews me on my pay and thinks he’s better than everyone else because he’s a big Bible thumper. I can’t get the days off I want because he’s a commie-bstrd.
    If “Jewing” is being miserly with money, that would be conservative…But conservative is a screaming, frothy christian WASP…But if you think gospel music or go to a power-church in Dallas you will see blacks faces(who are supposed to be Liberal)…Houston and San Antonio have massive, massive Spanish speaking populations. You don’t see them on TV during elections, oh, no. You see Baltimore, Philly, Atlanta, Detriot and other New England “Ivy League” states. Even though Dallas, San Antonio and Houston are the 8th, 7th and 4th largest cities in the U.S. Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote…so confusing.*grin*

  3. ‘If the far right believes that gun owners, unborn babies, and states rightists are today’s Jews (and Sarah Palin their Esther), then who are the evil-doers who are really Jewish by birth–Rahm Emanuel and especially his brother Ezekiel, the “death czar”; the rootless cosmopolitan moneybags George Soros’

    Forgot to mention this one:

    That’s about Debbie Schlussel – a poor man’s Ann Coulter – calling George Soros a “billionaire atheist Jews” who faked being a Holocaust survivor and instead worked with the Nazis rounding up Jews.

    I noted the irony that while Schlussel is herself Jewish and not an anti-Semite, she traffics in traditionally anti-Semitic memes about “jewish libs” worshiping liberalism rather than God.

    Also: in his book Blasphemy, Alan Dershowitz provides this quote from Pat Robertson:

    “Just like what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, so liberal America is now doing to Evangelical Christians. It’s no different … more terrible than anything suffered by any minority in our history.”

    Dershowitz wonders openly if by liberal Robertson really means Jewish. Considering the anti-Semitic nature of Robertson’s New World Order book, I have to share Dershowitz’s suspicion.

    Dershowitz also gives this quote from Ralph Reed, formerly of Robertson’s Christian Coalition:

    “[It is] the Jewish element of the ACLU which is trying to drive Christianity out of the public place … because the ACLU is made up of a tremendous amount of Jewish attorneys.” – Ralph Reed

  4. Sorry for the multiple comments, I have a habit of hitting “enter” before my train of thought concludes, but I see that Google books has a passage from another one of Dershowitz’s books that covers the same ground about Robertson’s potentially meaning “Jew” when he says “liberal.”

    If you google The Vanishing American Jew and look up page 150 that’s it.

    I see what my confusion was with the Reed/McCormack quote. In the earlier book, Dershowitz (correctly, I believe) attributes it to McCormack, but in Blasphemy, it was attributed to Reed.

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