Did Hitler survive the war?

An amusing story from the Telegraph, prompted by the History Channel’s recent documentary “Hitler’s Escape.” DNA tests run by scientists at the University of Connecticut confirmed that the skull fragment the Soviets claimed was Hitler’s actually belonged to a woman between 20 and 40 years of age. Most historians are unfazed. It wasn’t the sole piece of evidence placing Hitler in the bunker (the Russians also believe they have his jaw, which was examined and identified by assistants to his dentist); few of them had ever placed much credence in the skull fragment anyway, as its provenance and chain of custody were fairly murky.The fact that the skull wasn’t Hitler’s doesn’t prove that he didn’t die in the bunker, never mind that he spent the 1950s in Argentina or Antarctica; only that the Russians made untenable claims about this one particular piece of evidence.

But here’s what I want to know: when will a truly intrepid conspiracy theorist come forward to make the case that Hitler really was a young woman–that civilization was very nearly brought to its knees by a drag king? Perhaps she murdered him and took his place at some critical juncture. Now that, it seems to me, would be a story with legs–and movie potential, too.


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