ACORN, the Masons, and the Illuminati

Of course I’ve been following the news about ACORN. Not only did they cause the financial meltdown by helping prostitutes and murderers qualify for home loans that they couldn’t afford to repay and steal the election for Obama by registering ineligible voters, but if Glenn Beck is to be believed, ACORN and SEIU (Service Employees International Union) were complicit in the failure of New Orleans’ levees after Hurricane Katrina. Connect the dots: ACORN’s and SEIU’s national headquarters are in New Orleans. Their founder Wade Rathke’s brother Dale is an embezzler. As part of a massive coverup of Dale’s and other crimes, they didn’t fix the levees, allowing the flood waters to conveniently destroy all the incriminating documents in their files. Then Van Jones and his Color of Change organization tried to pin the blame on George W. Bush!

I get all that. What I’m still not clear on is how ACORN fits into the New World Order. But am I the only one who’s noticed that a company named Acorn Footwear manufactures the Mason Moc, a house slipper featuring a “comfort cushion insole heel to toe with padded arch support,” whose leather bottom “accents a skid-resistant rubber driver outsole”?

It gets worse. Another outfit, Acorn Tours, offers sightseers the opportunity to follow Robert Langdon’s trail through Rome as “he battles a secret underground brotherhood which aims to destroy Vatican City with an antimatter bomb. This group, the Illuminati, was formed after the Church censured Galileo.”

ACORN and the Masons? ACORN and the Illuminati? Be very afraid…


6 thoughts on “ACORN, the Masons, and the Illuminati

  1. I do have a counter theory. As good wrestles evil yet, wrestles good and evil, etc.

    Glen Beck is mad, he’s mormon, and he’s not going to take it wanymore.

    As a follower of “the church”, Glen tithes ten percent. As does his business and those of faith that work for him. LDS church, as we know, can do many things. If you graduate from BYU they can recall your degree if you embarass the church. Fundamentally, if you choose to drink coffee or go against The Prophet, you may be excommunicated. Your spouse may leave you. LDS is a multi-million member “christian” “religion”. If say, you write a book, and it is approved as good for the theocracy it may well sell millions of copies. The tithe returns.
    As a Mormon, Beck truely believes The Prophet is that. A man that speaks directly to Big God. Under his articles of faith, Beck may be seen as something great during his pre-mortal existance. Destined for greatness here on this earth, and to be a god of his own earth after he has passed on. As a christian, you are 75% converted. As a Jew, 50%. One needs only to accept The Pearl of Promise. I am sure there are those that vastly underestimated the LDS church only to have their bones be dissolved in the salt flats. I am sure Beck has met the prophet many times privately. LDS is by no means a pacifist religion. Power and influence is something that cannot be purchased outright. I will leave that be. I don’t want a dark sedan to appear before my door.

    As Beck garners support with his messages, more roots are being laid. Most that listen to him may not fully understand where it is coming from. Many Americans simply cannot accept zealotry in their midst. My conspiracy theory is that, unlike Rush, Dobbs or Maddow, Beck works to grow a nation within a nation. There is a silent hydra slowly growing, but we love to distract ourselves with the popular suspects. Gnostics, Nazi’s, Jews, Latino, Catholics, Capitalists and Liberals. Beck is demonstrating the base message. Man cannot rule itself, the message has been scewed. There is ONE way, its voice is in Temple Square. The truth has been buried too long and that was why Young was given the tablets…the story of Moroni…

  2. I know you’re mostly being facetious, but turn about isn’t always fair play. The Mormons are aggressively evangelical and some of their doctrines seem strange from an outsider’s perspective (as do at least some of the tenets of just about every sect), but they no more have a full-blown secret domestic agenda than International Judaism or ACORN does. Glenn Beck is a conspiracist, but he’s not a conspirator (at least I don’t think he is). For more on this, see my post “The Intellectual Underpinnings of Glenn Beck.”

  3. Additionally:

    Beck has warned his audience on several occasions to expect he might be assassinated by ACORN or the “powerful forces” (quoting from memory; something to that effect) working for/behind President Obama. He has called for prayers for his safety on his radio show and his twitter page asks followers to “pray for more time”; I’m not sure exactly what he means by this, but on his Fox tv show, after James Van Brunn killed a guard at the Holocaust Museum, Beck intimated to his audience that first liberal fascists would come for the Jews, then they would come for conservatives. He also compares his followers to civil rights protesters, admonishing them to speak truth to power even if “they” turn dogs and fire hoses on them. Presumably “they” is ACORN/SEIU and the shadow gov’t Obama is supposedly building.

    ACORN is bringing about the NWO by “overwhelming the system” with the manufactured financial crisis, the election stealing, the census corrupting. On one program, Beck cited some revolutionary anarchist pamphlet that was banned in France and suggested that this is what would be coming to America; from what I gather he is suggesting that ACORN is softening America up for such a radical revolution.

    I think it also worth noting that while Beck posits his conspiracy theory in political rather than sectarian or ethnic terms, it still structurally resembles more traditionally bigoted conspiracy theories. The footsoldiers of the supposed Obama Marxist revolution he presents are almost exclusively black; the money man behind the supposed 100 plus year conspiracy to create an American communist regime* is George Soros (Jewish international financier) and the mastermind is Saul Alinsky (Jewish radical.)


    Here he links Obama to Che Guevera and Woodrow Wilson (the world’s first “fascist dictator” according to Beck and Jonah Goldberg) in a “tree of revolution.) Wilson is also identified as being the same as Students for a Democratic Society.

    1. Not to plug my book, but in the sections on the Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations (which to this bunch is a secret society), I wrote about some of Beck’s predecessors. Building on the conspiratorial writings of Nesta Webster (which drew extensively on Augustin Barruel’s and John Robinson’s 18th century anti-Mason tracts), the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and a thoroughly caricatured and tendentious appropriation of Carroll Quigley’s scholarship about the Cecil Rhodes circle, writers like Gary Allen, Joseph Welch, Willis Carto, Myron C. Fagan, Cleon Skousen and others connected the dots from Satan through the Jews, the Jews through the Masons, and the Masons through Woodrow Wilson, the billionaire architects of the Federal Reserve (who oddly enough also underwrote Bolshevism) and the One Worlders at the UN.

      Not all of them were explicitly anti-Semitic, but anti-Semitism provided a strong impetus for their theorizing. The comparatively philo-Semitic Robert Welch wrote that anti-Semitism was yet another Communist plot, designed to distract attention from their own sinister agenda and bring discredit on anti-Communists (“Lenin himself did what he could to have himself and his fellow Communists of the Jewish race hated more as Jews than as Communists).” Now that the standard bearer for liberalism is black, it stands to reason that the right wing conspiracist cast of villains will be darker-hued. In a sense SEIU and ACORN are Cadillac-driving welfare mothers writ large–only now they don’t just steal nickels and dimes from hard working white Americans but have the power to expropriate everything they have.

      It’s weird how many of the intellectual lineaments of this stuff hearken back to the anti-Mason panic of the 1820s, which probably had as little to do with Masonry back then, and as much to do with structural changes in the economy, as it does now.

  4. Let’s not forget that Acorn slipper-socks were also worn by the “astronauts” in New Mexico & Hollywood in between film shoots of those faked moon landings.

    Those sockmakers have a lot to answer for.

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