Infinite regression as a hallmark of Conspiracy Theory

Birther activist Orly Taitz was fired by her client Army Captain Connie Rhodes on Friday (Taitz had filed a request for an emergency stay against Rhodes’s deployment to Iraq on the grounds that the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces was not entitled to hold office). Rhodes wrote a letter to the judge in which she withdrew the request, denied that Taitz was authorized to speak for her, and stated her intention to file a complaint against her. Taitz’s response? There is a conspiracy against both her and her ex-client–the letter (like Obama’s birth certificate) is an obvious forgery. The signature looks funny and the Office Max it was sent from doesn’t do faxes. “It appears to be a concerted effort to quash all free speech, particularly any legal challenges to Obama’s legitimacy,” Taitz says.

See TPM Muckraker for more.


3 thoughts on “Infinite regression as a hallmark of Conspiracy Theory

  1. We are all adults here, and as adults we know there are consequences for are actions, so if you do not agree with his policies, you can a) do nothing, b) support him, c) not support him, d) protest and picket, its your choice, live the dream! As for Orly Taitz, to this point she has not been successful because she does not have any proof, documentation supporting her claims except her wild rants. I would not bet the farm on this one. She has a mail-order-degree get someone with real credentials (Harvard, Yale Law School) not a Russian immigrant with dual US/ Israel citizenship (where are her allegiances?). Have you even thought of who is paying for all her travel, or are you telling me she independently wealthy? Sorry she has no juice because she does not have any proof, documentation supporting her claims except her wild rants. That might work in “Fake News” but not in a Court of the United States.

  2. I just learnt what a “birther” is by reading Time. Somehow Glen Beck went from the beat down radio in the welding bay to a phenom. Gads. Does anybody even remember why Bush was elected? We just came out of tel-com bust(World-com) and Enron. We wanted big business and elected a big business guy. Then 9/11. Well, we didn’t have a “war guy” like Ike in office. Now there is Obama. We didn’t want big business and elected a man for change. He is a grass roots guy. What happened? He was set up for failure. Housing bubble? What’s the trouble, don’t you know it appraised for double? Big business issues are crammed down his throat. He is a good President but he sucks at this type of issue. They should have been reversed. Obama with 9/11 and Bush with Bank Panic. Taft sucked with indians. Grant would’ve done better with WWI. Not sure what else to say. Stupid world…The real underlying issue is not who the president is, but the economy. “They” both parties, run candidates they normally wouldn’t have because they knew how hamstrung we are with our chinese credit card. A non-carbon copy president(Woman/Clinton, Minority/Obama) is handed a train wreck. Obama is amazing that he can smile, day after day. I’ve gone to Tea Parties. I see people pissed about capitalist greed as insurers or buyers of last resort. But then they turn on Obama or social debate with knives. So chaotic now and I’m out of time.

  3. Truck is warming up. Honestly, I was shocked by two incidences. “Let’s get America moving again” by spending ourselves into oblivion reeks of “liberal” ideology. Giving to help out someone else for the greater good. This touted by a conservative. “Too big to fail, never too big to bail” reeks of conservative dogma. Spewed out by Max “bailout” Baucus. Public money used to maintain top down economics. Okay. Where are we again? Birthers and truthers. Like the Nazi party, they don’t matter. They’re here, they’re queer, get used to it.

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