Boing boing

David Pescovitz’s post on Boing Boing yesterday inspired a lot of comments–a few of them off the wall, many of them hysterically funny. Best of all, it led to an invitation to me to guest blog on Boing Boing in November.


3 thoughts on “Boing boing

  1. HaHa! Excellent, Arthur!

    Cults — and belief systems in general — always fascinated me.
    Mainly that arrogant ability that humans have (and crave) to fall into the true believer syndrome.

    In an age where religions are all cracked and shaking, becoming more and more extremist — like the last wild fangs of some savage beast being bled —, there’s a whole bunch of alternative beliefs, let’s say, gathered under the ‘New Age’ tag.

    I have spent some time observing the effects of belief and conspiracy theories on some of these people. That was a total blast.

    You can check on — get comfy, I think you might like the ride.

    1. That’s quite a ride! It reminds me a little of when I first stepped into Robert Anton Wilson’s world.

      I’m not sure how to articulate this, but while I agree that Conspiracy Theory and religion fill the same needs (and I think the need to believe in something bigger than oneself is pretty much universal), I think that what people really crave isn’t so much the contents of whatever belief system they’ve adopted as its paradigms, its conceptual architecture. We never stop looking to grownups to set limits for us, to tell us “no” and “yes,” to lay down the rules and enforce them. This isn’t because we’re weak-minded, it’s because our minds instinctively seek patterns–we feel agitated and insecure when we can’t find them.

  2. Yes, you’re right, Arthur. It takes insecurity — fear, really — and oddly enough, intelligence, so a belief system can find its roots.
    I often wonder how strange is that human pathologic reaction to reality and truth.
    On my way to breaking down the masks of belief, I had a great time bathing in Joseph Campbell’s works.

    Thanks for pointing out R.A. Wilson, Arthur.

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