First radio interview

I was on The Washington Times’s syndicated drive-time radio show this morning to promote CULTS, CONSPIRACIES, AND SECRET SOCIETIES. It went pretty much as I feared–if I sounded like a 33 rpm record on 16, they were chattering away at 78. This analogy dates me a little, I guess. Anyway, they were really friendly, if super-caffeinated, and I was torpid and way too abstract. I have to remember to be funny and concrete. But the thing is, I don’t want to sound like I’m just ridiculing conspiracists. It riles them up and it debases me.

I thought it was interesting that the Washington Times, as right-leaning as its politics (and its demographics) must be, was as open to my brand of skepticism as they seemed to be. My guess is that a lot of Republicans worry about the Tin Hat tendencies of their base too.


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